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SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunking integrates traditional voice services (ISDN) with Web-based data connection, eliminating the need to purchase separate services for voice and data.  SIP Trunking allows for increased capacity and efficiency on the same bandwidth. The dramatic cost savings, coupled with voice quality and reliability that equals or even surpasses traditional phone providers is making SIP trunks the logical choice.

How It Works

  • The system communicates natively with a service provider over an IP circuit, carrying voice and data simultaneously.
  • Voice is converted to data and sent along with the same circuit as the other data packets. Data gets entire bandwidth when no voice is present.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) is managed by the service provider, with voice taking priority over data.

Since SIP Trunking works over IP networks, it potentially eliminates the cost for separate services such as T1, ISDN PRI or multiple analog lines. It also allows businesses to expand their IP reach to remote locations and mobile users. Other key product features and benefits include:

  • Utilize your existing broadband Internet connection
  • Bundled, metered and unlimited calling plans.
  • Scale in increments of one line/channel
  • Keep your existing phone numbers, phones and phone system
  • Inbound/Outbound service
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Enhanced features such as remote numbers, Automated Attendant and Follow me
  • Low cost international calling plans
  • Free, US-based customer service
  • Nationwide footprint
  • Offers ISDN-like features over a data connection
  • Eliminates “wasted bandwidth” of unused PRI channels
  • Allows bandwidth to be used for data when no voice calls are active.

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